List of national parks in Ethiopia

The national parks of Ethiopia include:

National Park Region Established Area Image Coordinates Administered by
Awash National Park Oromia, Afar 1958 756 square kilometres (292 sq mi) Parc national d'Awash-Ethiopie-Chutes d'eau (3).jpg 9°04′42″N39°59′36″E Federal Government
Simien Mountains National Park Amhara 1959 412 square kilometres (159 sq mi) Semien Mountains 02.jpg 13°18′23″N38°15′51″E Federal Government
Alatish National Park Amhara 2006 2,666 square kilometres (1,029 sq mi) 12°06′32″N35°33′13″E Federal Government
Bahir Dar Blue Nile River Millennium Park Amhara 2008 4,728 square kilometres (1,825 sq mi) Blue Nile Falls 01.jpg 11°29′27″N37°35′16″E Regional Government
Borena Saynt National Park Amhara 2001 4,325 square kilometres (1,670 sq mi) 10°51′00″N38°46′00″E Regional Government
Bale Mountains National Park Oromia 1962 2,200 square kilometres (850 sq mi) Bale Mountns.jpg 6°53′09″N39°44′05″E Federal Government
Abijata Lakes National Park Oromia 1963 887 square kilometres (342 sq mi) Lake Shalla Landscape.jpg 7°31′46″N38°31′07″E Federal Government
Omo National Park SNNPR 1959 3,566 square kilometres (1,377 sq mi) 5°49′19″N35°49′24″E Federal Government
Nech Sar National Park SNNPR 1966 514 square kilometres (198 sq mi) Nechisar National Park.JPG 5°56′01″N37°40′53″E Federal Government
Mago National Park SNNPR 1974 1,942 square kilometres (750 sq mi) Mago Park.JPG 5°31′08″N36°20′38″E Regional Government
Chebera Churchura National Park SNNPR 1997 1,190 square kilometres (460 sq mi) 6°53′14″N36°38′11″E Regional Government
Maze National Park SNNPR 1997 202 square kilometres (78 sq mi) 6°26′29″N37°11′19″E Regional Government
Yangudi-Rassa National Park Afar 1969 4,731 square kilometres (1,827 sq mi) Parc national de Yangudi Rassa-Gazelle de Soemmerring (3).jpg 10°32′16″N40°52′40″E Federal Government
Gambela National Park Gambela 1966 5,061 square kilometres (1,954 sq mi) 8°00′17″N34°03′51″E Federal Government
Geraille National Park Somali 1998 3,558 square kilometres (1,374 sq mi) 4°21′56″N40°57′44″E Regional Government
Dati Wolel National Park Oromia 1998 431 square kilometres (166 sq mi) Regional Government
Yabello National Park Oromia 1978 2,500 square kilometres (970 sq mi) 4°55′00″N38°25′00″E Regional Government
Gibe Sheleko National Park SNNPR 2001 248 square kilometres (96 sq mi) Regional Government
Loka Abaya National Park SNNPR 2001 500 square kilometres (190 sq mi) Regional Government
Kafeto Shiraro National Park Tigray 1999 5,000 square kilometres (1,900 sq mi) 14°14′47″N36°43′58″E Federal Government

Other protected areas include the Babile Elephant, Senkele, and Deara Wildlife Sanctuaries and the Tama and Chelbi Wildlife Reserves.

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