Travellers’ Guide Book

Simien Mountains National Park A Traveller’s Guidebook – coming soon!

“The most marvelous of all Abyssinian landscapes opened before us, as we looked across a gorge that was clouded amethyst to the peaks of Simien. A thousand years ago, when the old gods reigned in Ethiopia, they must have played chess with those stupendous crags, for we saw bishops’ miters cut in lapis lazuli, castles with the ruby of approaching sunset on their turrets, an emerald knight where the forest crept up on to the rock, and, far away, a king crowned with sapphire, and guarded by a row of pawns. When the gods exchanged their games for shield and buckler to fight the new men clamoring at their gates, they turned the pieces of their chessboard into mountains. In Simien they stand enchanted, till once again the world is pagan and titans and the earth gods lean down from the monstrous cloud banks to wager a star or two on their sport.”

( Rosita Forbes, 1925. From Red Sea to Blue Nile – A Thousand Miles of Ethiopia. )

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